Skids 2022 Band Pic Scaled

The Skids

Sunday 16th July 2023

, 19:30


Legendary Scottish rockers are set to play Powerhaus in support of their new album Destination Dusseldorf.

The new album Destination Dusseldorf follows in the footsteps of Days In Europa as a celebration of friendship and shared experiences. The cover shows the brilliant Jospeh Beuys striding towards us from his base in Dusseldorf full of confidence and optimism believing that we can do the right thing for the people and the landscapes that surround us. He is a philosopher, an artist, but most importantly a human being, a hero who never hid from the challenges of life.
He has always been an inspiration to me. From that inspiration came this album of anthems.
Thank you for supporting the band for all these years. What a journey. Sometimes it feels like its just beginning. Here We Go Again!! The tour will be a celebration of our new and past music. Grab a ticket it will be the last time you see us for a long time.