Vpmg Mouse Outfit 678x399 V2

The Mouse Outfit

4th March 2023

, 19:30


The Mouse Outfit……..A Nationally prominent household name in Hip Hop. A decades worth of releases, collaborations with over 100 musicians, producers and vocalists, all under an enorMouse rodent shaped umbrella which despite the undulating world of music continually shifting and reshaping underneath them, have retained their Independent, DIY Hip Hop values.
Since the Heady days of debut record ‘Escape Music`, through the smashy smashy global appreciation for ‘I Wonder ft IAMDDB & Fox` to 2022’s ‘Vulnerable ft. KOJ`, self release and prolific video production capabilities have seen their output relentless and position on the frontline of UK Hip Hop endure.

Back for the back end of 2022 and beyond, with a new 7 piece lineup, founder and producer Chini at the helm, spearheaded by the vanguard of KOJ and Ayite, TMO are returning to their classic roots. The boombap of old, where it all began, raconteurs to rock to, biographers to bop to, delivering a healthy dose of Hip Hop, Funk and Mellow Jazz tones wrapped up in a dynamic Live journey, carefully curated, flecked with gentle dexterity and powerful flows, designed to satisfy the masses as well as the most reproachful Rap aficionado.