Redd Kross

Tuesday 12th November 2024

, 19:30

Support from Dale Crover (Solo Acoustic + DJ set)

“Redd Kross have put out some great records and perfected their own sound, a glammy, punk-infused, pop-culture-obsessed form of power pop. This year, for the band’s 45th anniversary, they’re going big, with a memoir, a documentary, and a new self-titled double album…First single ‘Candy Coloured Catastrophe’ is a huge hip-shaker with rumbling riffs and sha-la-la harmonies.” – Stereogum

“Speaking of eternal youth, has another band personified the teenage dream of rock n’ roll as well and for as long as Redd Kross? Jeff and Steven McDonald were actual teenagers when they started the band in the late ’70s, and they have outlasted most of their peers while still sounding and, for the most part, looking the same. ‘Candy Coloured Catastrophe’ is a joyous, kaleidoscopic blast of big riff power pop that Redd Kross do better than almost anyone else today. ‘I’m ready to start our third act, and for it to be magnificent,’ says Steven McDonald, so make way.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“{“Born Innocent”} is a ramshackle and scratchy uptempo number which outlines their origin story.” – FLOOD