678 Wide X 399 High

Lola Marsh

8th November 2022

, 19:30


“Lola Marsh (the singer Yael Shoshana Cohen and the multi-instrumentalist Gil Landau) makes sweeping, cinematic music dripping in retro charm and reverb. There are hints of Dum Dum Girls, Elle King and Lana Del Rey in the group’s new track “Echoes,” a lush beach blanket bop wiggling with dramatic energy”  CARYN GANZ – NEW YORK TIMES

Support by Taura Lamb

British pop singer and producer Taura Lamb began her journey as an artist with the release of her debut EP ‘Lucky Girls’ in 2020. It was here that she discovered her affinity for music production, allowing her to hone her skill as a writer, resulting in a credit on the dance smash ‘Tied Up’ by The Magician and Julian Perretta that hit the top 40 across Europe in 2017.