Eater + Bad Nerves

Saturday 27th January 2024

, 18:30

Punk legend Andy Blade has rebranded his iconic band “Eater”, by joining forces with members of glam gunslingers Jo Jo & The Teeth, giving the band a distinctly 21st century slant. Their set includes tracks from their classic debut album, all the singles…and more. This is no backwards looking nostalgic trip, but a distinctly anarchic brand of in yer face Rock’n’Roll.

Bad Nerves as co-headliners:

Bad Nerves are a 5-piece Powerpop-RocknRoll band from East London. The bastard child of a Ramones/Strokes one night stand, they play ferociously fast distorted pop songs, with melodies that hook so deep, even the most skilled lobotomist would struggle to scrape them out.

Support from…

JoJo & The Teeth:

A glamorous Art Rock rebirth forged by the collision of a Canadian powerduo and a fierce Isle of Wight Trio. This transatlantic marriage à-la Fleetwood Mac, blend and bend inspirations from every corner of music. A dark & moody forward driving sound, intimately rooted in good old fashioned guitar rock and roll. Jo-Jo & The Teeth conjures an arena sound and spectacle, woven together with velvety bluesy depths and moments of breezy pop sentiments.

Black Bordello:

Open those red velvet curtains, breathe in the smell of dark red wine and fresh popcorn, and step into the world of Black Bordello mind: part smoky jazz club, part mysterious circus. Led by Sienna Bordello, This band’s sonic depth is genre-defying… and very cool.

And Tizane:

Kentish curiosity, Tizane. Armed with a once in a generation voice and a weapons grade ‘Neo-Emo’ banger of a band, is rapidly becoming Alt-pop’s brightest young thing.