Don Kipper

Thursday 14th December 2023

, 19:00


Don Kipper’s latest album is a collection of urgent, original songs in English and Greek which together tell of how the band have stepped away from the traditional music of their roots and towards something fresh and unexpected; music taut with an intention to meet the moment. The album is an explosive fusion drawing equally from a constellation of dance musics emerging from across the Mediterranean, deeply rooted rural folk traditions, and a plethora of rhythms that have always powered the UK’s dance floors. But, it’s also more than that, it’s a fierce commentary on the challenges that society faces today. From climate change to wealth inequality and myriad forms of prejudice, these songs serve as the band’s critical lens on many of the world’s most pressing issues. And the radical transformation the band have undertaken is an embodiment of London’s spirit—ever-evolving, diverse, and driven by a solidarity to transcend boundaries and borders.