Connecting Cultures: Samar Tarik + President T

Friday 3rd November 2023

, 19:30

Samar Tarik is a rising star in the Egyptian music scene, with a distinctive style blending western and oriental melodies. She is a self-taught singer, songwriter, composer, musician and writer who started playing the guitar at the age of 12 and has since been releasing several original songs that have gained popularity on various platforms.

Her voice is expressive and captivating, conveying emotions ranging from love and longing to defiance and resilience. Samar Tarik is not afraid to experiment with different genres and sounds but rather explores the richness and diversity of musical cultures creating a unique musical identity that sets her apart from other artists.


President T (formerly Prez T) started his career as a jungle/drum N bass, MC before joining legendary crew Meridian in the early 21st century. With his singular flow, deep-bodied tone, and gripping narratives, the rapper found equal success in solo and collaborative work: in addition to being a key member of both Meridian and Bloodline, President T’s solo efforts included the classic mixtape Back Inna My Face (2008) as well as a collection of well-received albums throughout the 2010s.

Born in Birmingham but raised in Tottenham, London, President T found his footing on the live circuit, perfecting his flow and delivery in drum N bass sets through the ’90s.

As these performances transitioned into garage, two-step, and eventually grime, the rapper found himself at the core of the emerging scene, linking up with local MCs to form the now-legendary Meridian crew. The group, taking its name from Tottenham’s Meridian Estate, brought much of London’s young talent under one banner, its roster including artists like Skepta, JME, and Big H (President T’s brother).