Monday Cameron

Canal Bar: Chriz Gabriel & Friends

Friday 21st June 2024

, 19:00


Fresh out of London, Chríz Gabriel is a man on a mission. With a talent birthed through Brooklyn block parties, LA life and a sound inspired by artists such as Little Simz, Drakeo the Ruler and New Edition, Chríz is a melting pot of soul enthused trap, catchy hooks, and intricate flows.

In the words of Jurassic 5 founding member Akil the MC,  Chríz ‘killed’ a set at the Flyover show and has also since used his skills to work sold out crowds, opening up for hip hop legends Homeboy Sandman and Edan in the Jazz Cafe London. He is a regular on the international circuit, having been a featured performer at Payday LA and other music nights within California and the US.

Hot on the release of visuals for his last two singles ’40 bars and Running’ and ‘Bout that’, Chríz is currently in the process of working on collaborative material with various artists/musicians in the LA and UK music scenes, tapping into his own experiences of staying in South LA, with stories based on his own Black British experience sprinkled into the mix.

Momentum is building. Come and follow the journey..