Cairo Rap X British Grime Live: Felukah & President T Live

Sunday 25th February 2024

, 18:00

From £22.50

Felukah is an Egyptian rapper, singer, poet and activist. Seamlessly blending her Arabic culture into Western sounds, Felukah is dubbed the ‘Arabfuturist songstress,’ or the artist paving the way for a ‘new wave of Arab women.’ Felukah’s music and revolutionary character has garnered the attention of thousands in the Middle East as well as the Western world, landing her opportunities with the FIFA World Cup, Harvard University, the Brooklyn Museum, Boiler Room TV, and much more. Felukah’s new song ‘Batwanes Beek” was released on January 5th and marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the multifaceted artist. Staying true to her versatile nature, Felukah floats effortlessly between genres, sounds and projects, making sure the essence stays the same: a tasteful balance of radical love and honoring her North African roots.