The Lazy Jesus, Yova Yager, Velegura, Mingulikta

Saturday 9th March 2024

, 20:00

Four Ukrainian DJs hit Camden, London with multiple-genre sets to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding admirers of electronic music. Each of them will present a unique set created for the event in their favourite genre and will introduce to you the best bits of the Ukraine-rooted hidden gems.

The Lazy Jesus is a Ukrainian DJ and sound producer who is always exploring multiple genres, recently focusing on ethnic sounds from across the world. He will come to London with the audio-visual project UA TRIBAL, which combines his passion for non-trivial rhythms with the musical folklore heritage of Ukraine.

Yova Yager is a multidisciplinary artist from Kyiv, Ukraine, making waves in the world of electronic music. Her contagious love for dance music made her well-known to the Ukrainian and London club scene. And Yova’s unique blend of genres, including acid house, indie dance, breakbeat and techno has captivated audiences across the world.

Velegura is a resident DJ of the most influential Ukrainian hip-hop community ALLOSYRUP. Her incredible selection of new school hip-hop performances quickly penetrated the hearts of listeners.

Mingulitka is a Ukrainian DJ and musician, who brings a fusion of global sounds to London’s music scene. She has many musical influences and loves experimenting with different sounds and styles, from jazz to electro. Mingulitka is a Voices Radio resident and played at EuroFestival Rave UKraine in Liverpool and at various clubs across Ukraine, the US, and Hungary.