Friday 24th November 2023

, 19:30


REYKO – a London based alt-pop duo composed by Spaniards Soleil and Igor – in the last few years have gathered a loyal fanbase (and millions of streams!) with their eclectic, genre-defying amalgam of ridiculously infectious pop songs and inventive, eccentric sounds inspired by anything from psychedelic pop, electronica to art-punk. FYI, you have probably already heard many of REYKO’s songs on a commercial or a series – Elite, Toy Boy or Cruel Summer, just to name a few – but you
don’t know that you did!
Last year the duo headlined shows and toured UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Spain and Serbia. Now REYKO are presenting FANTASIA, their highly anticipated third album, and they will support it with a European and Latin American tour.
The duo’s live show is as artsy, eclectic and exciting as their music: Soleil’s electrifying presence and beautifully hush vocals breeze on top of Igor’s guitars and electronic drums. REYKO creates a unique sonic and visual experience that will enchant you and stay in your memory for a long time.