Red Peril w/ SCUD FM and Drowse

Friday 17th May 2024

, 19:30

Red Peril is the new endeavour of the London-based Italian-Mexican musician Stefania F. Cardenas — co-founder, singer and guitarist of the all-female indie act Madonnatron — and her musical partner Dexter Krenal (Pregoblin). 

Red Peril’s synth-driven post-punk fuses dark atmospheres with tongue-in-cheek humour and playful Italo disco vibes. Raw, gritty guitar riffs merge with retro-futuristic synth lines and pulsating drum machine beats, creating a sonic landscape that’s both electrifying and fierce. Picture Giorgio Moroder dating Lydia Lunch. A neon-lit rebellion against the mundane.

Their debut single “Bollywood Gangsta”, released in late 2023 on Blang Records, is taken from their upcoming EP due in Spring 2024.

Special guests:

Scud FM

SCUD play songs about Electronic Components, House Cleaning, the 2nd ‘Ndrangheta War, Boats, Meatraffles, Allergies, Tactical Ballistic Nuclear Missiles plus serious subjects like Trade Unionism and Women’s Rights. The band are also great to hang out with, in fact they are even more entertaining as offstage citizens and can recite all the times tables with ease. The long awaited debut LP by South London supergroup SCUDFM is primed and ready for launch.


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