Saturday 12th August 2023

, 19:30


Join us in celebrating the release of Motörhead’s debut album – Released 12 August 1977 – on Saturday 12 august 2023 with Europe’s best Motörheadache.

Motörheadache have toured the UK and Europe extensively from February 2016 onwards, with more than 200 dates at Bike Rallys, large festivals and showcase gigs in O2 Academy venues in Glasgow, Newcastle and London.

The main body of their set list comprises a large number of songs from Motörhead’s fast Eddie Clarke era, regarded by many fanas the classic era. Songs include Ace of Spades, Bomber, Overkill, Iron Fist, The Hammer, Damage Case and the thunderous Motörhead.

The band also play material written by Motörhead from 1983 through to 2015.