Miles Hunt

22nd October 2022

, 19:00


As leader of the Stourbridge, England band the Wonderstuff, Miles Hunt was able to not only enjoy chart success, but he was able to do it with one hell of a sneer on his face. By 1994, however, the Wonderstuff were no more, breaking up after that summer’s Phoenix Festival. Hunt returned in 1995, fronting the short-lived Vent 414. After one album, Vent 414 was no more, and Hunt found himself on his own once again. The year 1998 saw him reuniting with former Wonderstuff member Malcolm Treece, during which time the acoustic duo toured the U.S. and U.K. In March of 1999, his solo debut, Hairy on the Inside, was released on Gig Records. The album marked a return to the former collaboration with Treece, as well as Wonderstuff fiddler Martin Bell. In early 2000, Hunt once again embarked on a U.S. tour and prepared to release his second full length. 5 Songs followed later that winter.