Los Cafres

Thursday 5th October 2023

, 19:00

from £30

Los Cafres is one of the founding bands of Latin American reggae. Formed in 1987 in Buenos Aires, it was a pioneer in interpreting roots reggae in Spanish. Currently the group tours its native Argentina and the Latin Region, bringing its unique musical offering to fans across the continent.

Throughout its history, the group has released 14 albums, many of which topped the sales charts and surpassed Gold and Platinum status across South America.

Los Cafres are: Guillermo Bonetto (voice), Claudio Illobre (keyboards) and Gonzalo Albornoz (bass), plus Manuel Fernández Castaño (sax), Willy Rangone (trumpet), Víctor Raffo (rhythm guitar), Demian Marcelino (lead guitar ) and Iván Mustapich (drums).