Guns 2 Roses + support from Some Kind Of Metallica

9th September 2022

, 19:00


Guns 2 Roses

The most notorious Guns N’ Roses tribute in history est 2002 – 6 USA tours, multiple tours in India, Dubai, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Ireland, Czech Republic, Malta, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Norway, Bahrain, Mexico.

The only G’n’R tribute to play live with 4 different Guns N’ Roses members.

Tv & radio appearances on: ‘BBC’ Culture Show (2007), Question of Sport (2008), The One Show (2016), Even Better Than The Real Thing (2017), Radio 2, Radio 5, ‘ITV’ tipping point ‘Channel 5′ Fifth Gear.

Guns 2 Roses are the longest-running, closest-looking, and most internationally recognized G’n’R tribute in the world. one of the few tribute bands of any type to cross over from the mere tribute band circuit to mainstream media and close association with the real Guns N’ Roses.

 Some Kind Of Metallica

Playing all the classic songs from the mighty Metallica